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Definition of a Paralegal:
Paralegal shall mean a person who is qualified through education, training or work experience and is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, governmental agency, or other entity to work under the direction of an attorney in a capacity that involves performance of substantive legal work that, in most instances, requires a sufficient knowledge of legal concepts and would otherwise be performed by the attorney in the absence of the Paralegal. The term "Paralegal" and "Legal Assistant" are interchangeable and used synonymously.

2018 Application for Membership [PDF 377KB]
2017 Scholarship Application [PDF 57.2KB]

Benefits of membership:

Networking, access to job bank, access to quarterly newsletters as well as archived newsletters, information about upcoming events, CLEs, social functions, seminars and conferences as well as discounted fee for monthly lunch & learns.

Membership categories & qualification:

VOTING: ($70)
Any person who is employed as a paralegal or legal assistant who, in the course of their employment, performs substantial paralegal functions and meets one of the following criteria:
Bachelor's degree in Paralegal Studies (minimum 24 semester hours must be in Paralegal courses.)
Bachelor's degree in another course of study PLUS a Paralegal Certificate
Associate's degree in Paralegal Studies
Associate's degree in another course of study PLUS a Paralegal Certificate
Paralegal Certificate PLUS one (1) year of work experience as a Paralegal
A minimum of two (2) years of Paralegal work experience
Written Verification of Employment from Current Employer indicating educational background, number of years of current work experience and verification that applicant performs substantial Paralegal functions in the course of his/her employment.

STUDENT: ($35) (non-voting)
A person currently enrolled in an ABA approved program or a program which meets AafPE institutional membership standards AND  provides written verification of enrollment by Director of Paralegal Program 

ASSOCIATE: ($55) (non-voting)
Any person (1) who is employed as a Paralegal educator; (2) who was previously employed as a paralegal or paralegal educator; (3) who has completed a formal course of paralegal study, but who is not employed as a paralegal at the time of application for membership; (4) who was previously a Voting member of this Association, but is not employed as a paralegal at the time of the annual renewal of membership; or (5) who is currently employed as a paralegal, but who does not meet the educational and/or work experience requirements for a Voting member. 

SUSTAINING: ($85) (non-voting)
Individuals, Partnerships, Associations or other entities interested in supporting the Paralegal profession.


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